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This is the home page for the Umbraco Advertising Management Project. Umbraco CMS is an .NET opensource CMS.

This project has just started, you can download the source code of the initial version if you want to help us on this project.

The objective of this project is to create a package that would provide a new tool to manage advertising into Umbraco website.
This would be used in the back office to :

  • Add, Update, Remove a new advertising insert
  • Define the start date and the end date of the advert campaign
  • Define the size of the advert (see for advertising standard)
  • Define its content :
    • An image
    • An image rotator
    • An expandable image (image opening a modal popup)
    • Flash/video content
  • Select the pages where to display the advert
  • Define some rules about the brand’s advert and some articles/posts about the brands
  • Eg : An advert for Coca Cola will never be displayed in a post about Pepsi

The objective is to give flexibility to the administrators and writers in the Umbraco backoffice to manage their own advertising

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